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Are you struggling to spend time with the Lord

because of all the distractions?

Many women find it challenging to spend time with the Lord due to the constant distractions in life.

Whether it's the demands of work, the busyness of daily routines, or the allure of digital devices, staying focused on our spiritual journey can be a real struggle.

These distractions may cause you to feel disconnected, frustrated and stressed out. You may even feel inadequate because you cannot focus on your Bible time. 

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Are you ready to learn how to find joy and peace in your life?

The Word of God is alive!

I want to help you with tools to renew your mind to refute the lies you are believing in your mind and replace them with the truths of God’s word.

When we renew our mind we gain the peace that passes all understanding found in Philippians 4:7. We can walk this path of life holding tightly to our savior’s hand. 

Join me as we find joy and peace through Biblical meditations, learn how to renew our mind through Bible study, and hear the encouraging testimonies of other Christians.   

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